Re-establish your credit

Re-establish your credit

Let Us Help You Rebuild Your Credit While Riding A Harley-Davidson

Bad Credit, Bankruptcy, Repo's, Slow Pay's. We Can Help You Get The Harley-Davidson® Of Your Dreams

We Have Loans For People With Bad Credit

At American Eagle Harley-Davidson® we understand people go through hard times and we offer many different types of loans to help you re-establish your credit and get the Harley-Davidson® of your dreams.

Do you have low credit scores, but have good income but you have been unable to qualify for a loan. Call us and let us get you approved on program to re-build your credit. Do you make good money but have had late payments because of medical bills, divorce or loss of job, we can help get you approved on a Harley-Davidson® even with bad credit. We offer special financing on Harley-Davidson® for people with bad credit.

We have credit programs for people needing to get a loan on a used Harley-Davidson®. Our banks and lenders are some of the most aggressive on Harley-Davidson® in the banking industry. Come visit us in Corinth, Texas, and let us help you get the Harley® motorcycle you've been looking for! We're located near the areas of Carrollton, Lewisville, and Denton, TX

Our special financing department works with people every day with:

  • Low credit scores
  • Have short time on a job or even self-employed and have a hard time proving income.
  • Filed for bankruptcy once, even twice.
  • Slow pays to Harley-Davidson® credit
  • Had a loan with Harley-Davidson®, but had to let the bike go back to Harley-Davidson® credit.

Go ahead and get started, apply for credit with our special finance dept:

Start Re-Building Your Credit Here

Have questions about our approval process contact us.