H-D Membership

H-D Membership

Connecting Our Community On The New H-D Mobile App

Connect and share your passion with Harley-Davidson's global community of riders and fans.

About H-D Membership


We love motorcycles, and so do you. To bring motorcycle lovers together, we’ve launched a new membership program that is built with the enthusiast in mind. In this community, you can connect with riders, share knowledge about anything bike-related, log your rides and share your favorite routes, post your own content from your adventures, and more. We’re inviting a select group of H-D enthusiasts to help kickstart our program and shape the future of Harley-Davidson.

How It Works

Joining our community in this test phase means you can enjoy rewards by referring other new members to this page to join, posting on the app, and interacting with other members. Points are redeemable for Genuine Parts and Accessories and General Merchandise on H-D.com and at participating authorized H-D Dealers. In addition, shipping is free over $50 when you’re logged into your profile.

Start by signing up through this page, and you can immediately log into the H-D Membership app to begin earning rewards.

New features are going to be added as we learn and improve the experience based on your feedback, the way you use the app, and interact with the rest of the community. We’ll let you know what those new features are so you can be the first to personalize your experience, manage your preferences, and more.

Why We're Asking You

It’s simple: you’re a valuable member of the motorcycling community and we value your input.

You’ll be the first to try out our membership app’s new social features that help riders and enthusiasts connect with each other both on the app and in person. Your activity and feedback will directly shape how we evolve this program over time. As more members join, your content will be prioritized for them to see, providing a guide for their experience as well.

Let's Roll Out Together

Go ahead, invite your friends, start a group, log some rides, and let us know what you think. The open road awaits, and it only gets better with the H-D Membership app.