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H.O.G.® RIDE 365 Mileage Program Rules and Reminders

 Mileage Programs: 

Annual Mileage Recognition/Chapter Challenges 

• Members should get a check in early in the year to earn maximum credit for miles ridden. Stop in our Service Dept @ American Eagle Harley-Davidson and we can input your miles for you.

• A minimum of 2 odometer readings are required during the year to get credit for Annual Recognition/Challenges. 

• After January 1 of each year, an initial odometer reading must be recorded to enroll the member in the Annual Contest. 

• After each additional odometer reading entered, the miles ridden between each odometer reading will be applied toward program. 

Lifetime Mileage Recognition Program 

• Members need to check in early to enroll because every mile will count toward earning awards! 

• Lifetime is a rolling program, no end date, but awards are earned as each mileage milestone is completed H-D™ Visa® points for miles benefit 

• A “Qualified cardholder” can activate the benefit by having an initial odometer reading recorded after January 1, 2020. 

• After each additional odometer reading is entered, the miles ridden between each odometer reading will earn them 1 point for each mile ridden on their Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles up to a maximum of 50K points per calendar year. 

• To be Qualified, a rider must be a Primary H-D™ Visa® cardmember in good standing and a Full H.O.G.® member. 

Mileage Program Rules:

 In order for Harley-Davidson to be able to offer Mileage Programs and benefits like Patches, Pins and other awards, and points for miles on the H-D™ Visa® card, we depend on each dealership employee to certify that you have recorded information accurately and truthfully based on the program rules. 

• Only Harley-Davidson® motorcycle VIN’s are eligible for Mileage Programs and benefits. • Do not alter the Starting Mileage entry or the entry may be voided. 

• Odometer readings must represent the current odometer reading, you see on the bike at the time of entry. 

• With two exceptions, there should only enter one odometer reading per visit. After each odometer reading, we should be able to accurately calculate the miles ridden between those two mileage entries. 


 - For Chapter Challenges, enter odometer readings before the ride begins, and after the ride ends. 

 - For Harley-Davidson® Rentals, enter odometer readings before the rental begins, and after the rental ends. 

• Multiple Mileage Entries submitted the same day will be subject to further review. 

• Mileage awarded is determined solely by Harley-Davidson, Inc. 

• Points may be adjusted at any time if it’s discovered that they were awarded inconsistent with the rules of this mileage benefit or erroneously awarded due to entry errors in the database. 

• If you identify an entry error, you can correct it by calling H.O.G.® Member Services Dealer Hotline: 800-446-9464 (Hours: 8AM-7PM CST Monday-Friday, Sat 8:30-5PM CST) 

Additional verification may be requested to validate entries.