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5920 N Interstate 35
TX 76210

December 01, 2019 12:00PM - 6:00PM


It all began when I was speaking with a social worker at the Denton Independent School District. She was telling me about how there were so many needy families within the school district who could not afford coats for their children. When I heard that there were children without such a basic necessity as a coat, it broke my heart and something had to be done.

Coats for Kids was my answer and it is a not for pro?t entity. All funds, and I mean ALL funds will go towards the purchase of Coats for Kids. No funds will be retained, paid out or accepted except for the purpose of providing a Coat to a Kid. As soon as the ride is over, we will assemble NEW coats and provide those to the Denton Public School Foundation to distribute them to kids that need them. Why do we ask for new coats? Used coats cost too much to dry clean. Also, when a child is presented with a new coat, tags still attached, their entire face lights up. They immediately are given something that is theirs and not a hand-me-down. It also tells them that someone out there cares about them......and that someone is you. The good news is that you can ?nd a good coat relatively inexpensive, but the real gift you're giving that child is priceless.

We hope that you will provide a Coat for a Kid, make the ride and remember that you have the ability to assist those who can't assist themselves. “Kids should not have to worry about being cold for lack of a coat”. COATS FOR KIDS can help!

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